About Aquatainment India

Aquatainment is one of the first of Aquatic Leisure Lifestyle providers in India offering the best of international leisure yachts and boats. We currently offer a diverse range of high quality boats from Viksund Norway and Larson Boats U.S.A. We are direct dealers for VIKSUND from Norway and sub dealers for LARSON BOATS U.S.A. Boats are available in lengths varying from 3 meters and upwards fitted with engines ranging from 15hp to 300m hp. Shortly we will be bringing in boats and yachts from other manufacturers.

Aquatainment, will provide a range of services that include Sales, Service, Spares, Insurance and Financing, Accessories and Customization.

Part of the offering will be Maintenance & Clean up, Berthing & Docking, Crew Training & Hire, Charter & Rentals, Leisure Sports & Events as Sports Fishing, Dolphin watching, Leisure sailing; and Stand by services.

About Viksund Sri Lanka

In 2005 Jostein Viksund Design & Model Centre (Pvt) Ltd. was established as a BOI Company in Sri Lanka for the production of small and middle size pleasure boats, which are now exported to dealers worldwide.

Viksund Design & Model Centre (Pvt) Ltd has rapidly developed into one of the leading Scandinavian fiberglass pleasure boats. Every type of new boat is carefully designed and rigorously tested before it is introduced to the market. A Norwegian / German management is constantly forcing, to rethink of the production process, products and services. We manifest our self into ever improving product quality, trying to redefine pleasure boating every single day.

Viksund Design & Model Centre (Pvt) Ltd is strategically located in Sri Lanka, ideal between the west and the Fareast, benefiting of a tax free environment with comfortable access to a large labour work¬force. With key parts suppliers and first class service of BVQI, Lloyds and CE approved materials, in a region of ambitious marina development; Jostein Viksund Design & Model Centre (Pvt) Ltd stands on top in the worldwide boat market.

The Jostein Viksund Design & Model Centre (Pvt) Ltd boats, designs for boaters who appreciate a sporty lifestyle and good speed with a small engine, is a real pleasure and a matter of great pride for its owner. With the added attractions of a functional and spacious layout, safety features and stylish design you will hardly be able to wait to get behind the wheel of your boat.

About Larson Boats

The Larson family, designed with your family in mind.

Through nearly a century of building better boats, Larson learned a thing or two about the boating experience your family desires. Ever since Paul Larson built his first boat in 1913 in Little Falls, Minnesota, Larson always delivers superior performance, style, technology and safety. But discovering your dream boat is about more than that. It's about getting exactly what you want. Because when you find the perfect boat, it just feels right. Thanks to almost 100 years on the water, Larson not only perfected the art of giving you the best performance; Larson perfected the science of delivering the best value. Take the Larson Five Point Promise for a test drive and experience it for yourself. Because experience is everything.