Viksund Boats

The company of Viksund was established in 1966 and is situated in idyllic surroundings at Strusshamn, just outside Bergen.

The factory is modern and efficient - a necessity for one of Norways largest supplier of leisure craft and commercial vessels. Viksund is a pioneer in the FRP boat industry and is one of the first FRP boat companies in Norway. Common to all Viksund boats are their fine practical and seagoing qualities, which have made Viksund a name to stand for safety at sea.

Viksund has always been quick off the mark with new ideas, and their active development of new products has constantly amazed the world with constructions, which have been way ahead of their time ­to the great satisfaction of the increasing number of people who enjoy life at sea.

Larson Boats

The Larson family, designed with your family in mind.

Through nearly a century of building better boats, we’ve learned a thing or two about the boating experience your family desires. Ever since Paul Larson built his first boat in 1913 in Little Falls, Minnesota, we’ve always delivered superior performance, style, technology and safety. But discovering your dream boat is about more than that. It’s about getting exactly what you want. Because when you find the perfect boat, it just feels right. Thanks to almost 100 years on the water, we’ve not only perfected the art of giving you the best performance; we’ve perfected the science of delivering the best value. Take the Larson Five Point Promise for a test drive and experience it for yourself. Because experience is everything.

Many Larson models are built robotically by VEC. View the video to learn how VEC boats are built - and why they're better.


Viksund Larson Boats